New auto injector for people using Betaferon

The BETACONNECT auto injector will help people optimize their treatment as the system provides notifications based on client preferences, such as audio or visual reminders, and feedback on Bayer-BETACONNECT-for-Relapsing-Remitting-MSinjection depth and speed. People can opt to share the information with their healthcare providers to further improve treatment.

Bayer marketed the product first in Germany and it is now available in New Zealand. The MS & Parkinson’s Canterbury has several and is replacing the older injectors as required. The New BETACONNECT Auto-injector has a “softer touch” and doesn’t require priming although it does need to be charged via a computer or electrical outlet.

Bayer indicate there is less bruising at the site of injecting.
If people using the older injector wish to change or would like a demonstration please contact Judy and book a time.

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