Events and Activities at MS & Parkinson's Canterbury

There are always several events and activities for our service users and their support.

If you have any questions about any of the events or if you are interested in attending, please ring the office on 03- 366 2857



Date       Time                      Event                                                                                                    Location                                                               Registrations

3              Noon                     Open Gym Meetup                                                                             Braintree                                                               Just turn up

7              9am – 1pm           Podiatry                                                                                                Braintree                                                               Call to register

8              11 -12pm              Ashburton MS Peer Support Group                                                Hospice Mid Canterbury                                     e:

11           11am – 12pm       Saturday MS Peer Support Group                                                    Varies                                                                     Register on FB

13           1.30 – 2.30            Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tracy Melzer Brain Imaging at NZBRI        BrainTree                                                              Register online

16           10-11am                Parkinson’s Carers Group                                                                 Dune Café New Brighton                                    Call to register

16            12pm                    Charity Golf Day                                                                                  Clearwater Golf Club                                           Call to register

22           9am – 4pm           Rangiora Clinic                                                                                     Rangiora Health Hub/Hospital                          Call to register

22           4- 5pm                   New RGM class start                                                                          BrainTree                                                               Register online

23           5.30 -6.45pm        Parkinson’s Wellbeing Workshop with Jenny Ross                        BrainTree                                                              Register via invite

30            9.45 –11.30am    Speech Therapy                                                                                   Braintree                                                               Just turn up





Date       Time                       Event                                                                                                     Location                                                               Registrations

3              10:30-11:30           Ashburton Parkinson’s Peer Support Group                                  Columbus Coffee                                                 Just Turn Up

4              9am – 1pm            Podiatry                                                                                                 Braintree                                                               Call to register

5              10-11am                KeyNote: Dr. Sarah Perry “ Swallowing- Something to Chew On”BrainTree                                                              Register via invite

7                                              NO OPEN GYM MEETUP-GOOD FRIDAY


12           10:30-11:30            Ashburton MS Peer Support Group                                                Hospice Mid Canterbury                                     Just Turn Up

14            12-1                        Open Gym Meetup                                                                             BrainTree                                                               Just Turn Up

17             3-4pm                   Parkinson’s Peer Support Group                                                      BrainTree                                                              Register via invite

18            11-Noon                Parkinson’s Peer Support Group BrainTree                                                                                                                   Register via invite

19            10:30-11:30           MS Peer Support Group BrainTree Register via invite

18            10-11am                Parkinson’s Carers Group hosted by Gaynor Morris                    Little Pom’s Café                                                  Call to Register/Register via invite

27             9.45am – 11.30    Speech Therapy                                                                                   Braintree                                                               Just turn up



Date       Time                      Event                                                                                                     Location                                                               Registrations

1              10:30-11:30          Ashburton Parkinson’s Peer Support Group                                  Columbus Coffee                                                  Just Turn Up

2              9am – 1pm           Podiatry                                                                                                 Braintree                                                               Call to register

5              12pm                     Open Gym Meetup                                                                              Braintree                                                               Just turn up

5              13:30-15:00          Keynote Speaker: Dr. Matthew Croucher on Depression                                                                                            Register

10           10:30-11:30           Ashburton MS Peer Support Group                                                 Hospice Mid Canterbury                                     Just Turn Up

15            3-4pm                    Parkinson’s Peer Support Group

16            11-Noon                Parkinson’s Peer Support Group

17            10:30-11:30          MS Peer Support Group

18            1:45pm                  Parkinson’s Carer Support Group w Gaynor                                  BrainTree                                                              Register/turn up

24            9-4pm                    Ashburton Clinic                                                                                  Mid-Canterbury Hospice in Ashburton           Call to register

25            9.45am – 11.30    Speech Therapy                                                                                   BrainTree                                                              Just turn up



Date       Time                      Event                                                                                                     Location                                                               Registrations

2              12pm                      Open Gym Meetup                                                                             Braintree                                                               Just turn up

6              9am – 1pm           Podiatry                                                                                                 Braintree                                                               Call to register

14            9am – 4pm           Rangiora Clinic                                                                                     Rangiora Health Hub/Hospital                           Call to register

14           10:30-11:30           Ashburton MS Peer Support Group                                                  Hospice Mid Canterbury                                    Just Turn Up

27           10am-2pm            Safe Driving Course w/ Wendy Fox from Age Concern

29           9.45am – 11.30    Speech Therapy                                                                                     Braintree                                                               Just turn up