Gym programmes – we have a specialised gym at our centre, 49 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside. We offer a variety of exercise classes and open gym sessions, suitable for everyone with MS and Parkinson’s.

Our physio team members are available  for

  • Individual assessments
  • Advice on exercise programmes for balance , strength, flexibility and general physical function

We know that exercise helps maintain function and independence for people with Multiple Sclerosis and with Parkinson’s. It can also help in the management of fatigue and prevent other medical conditions.

A professional review of research in 2012 concluded that exercise is beneficial for people with Parkinson’s, but is most effective when tailored for each individual by a physiotherapist.

A similar study looking at MS in 2013 found that exercise performed twice a week at a moderate intensity increased fitness and muscular strength, and also helped with walking and fatigue.

Gym services

  • Open gym time twice weekly – individual programmes
  • Parkinson’s exercise classes – varying levels – 5 each week – led by an instructor
  • MS exercise class – varying levels – 3 each week – led by an instructor
  • MS gym – 1 each week – individual programmes
  • Yoga – 2 sessions each week – led by an instructor

Please note that members with MS or Parkinson’s who want to use the gym must first be assessed by our physio. You can arrange this through your MS or Parkinson’s nurse.

Download the 2019 Exercise Class Timetable to find classes that match your needs.