MS Support Groups

MS and Parkinson's Canterbury offer a range of support group opportunities for members at all stages of their MS journey.

Coming up:

MS Peer Support Group | Next Meeting 1st July

Join us at our MS & Parkinson's Canterbury Offices for our next MS Peer Support Group on Thursday 1st July (5.30pm – 7pm).

We will be welcoming Leiza Vanden Broeke: An OMS (Overcoming MS) ambassador who is starting an OMS circle in Christchurch.

With 3 circles in the North Island - but none in the South - a Christchurch OMS circle would provide opportunities for people to hear more about the programme and what it consists of.  Leiza is keen to share her story and how it has personally helped her.

Whilst MS & Parkinson's Canterbury cannot endorse any specific diet or alternative we are absolutely keen to help others share what is available for people with MS and signpost to other resources and opportunities.

The evening will provide the opportunity to hear from Leiza and will be attended by our MS Nurses and followed by Q&A with the chance to connect and network with other people on their journey with MS.  Please RSVP to Kirsty on (03) 366 2857 or email