Our Street Appeal


The Annual Street Appeal is the Society’s single biggest annual fundraising event.  Generally the appeal is held on the first Friday and Saturday of September each year, some collections take place a day or so either side of these dates.

Volunteers turn up in their 100’s from Kaikoura to Ashburton and many places in between, with the main collection activity in Christchurch.

Our volunteers include members, scholars, tertiary students, members of service organisations, and members of the public who feel strongly about the work we do.

The money collected during the appeal helps fund programme costs that are not covered by contracts and grant funding, making it possible for the Society to maintain a modest annual membership fee and develop innovative responses to community needs.

Being visible on the streets also promotes the Society to people who might need to access our programmes in the future and raises awareness among the general public of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

You can make a big difference by donating just two hours of your time to helping raise funds for the Society’s programmes and for people in Canterbury with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s. If you have strong networks at work or socially then please consider enlisting their help and forming a collection team.

Girls from St Margaret’s College giving up their Saturday to help us