New MS group starting in June


  To our new group for people with MS and your support person


Why might you be interested in coming along?


Support – listening and learning about commonalities and differences, to feel you are not alone, and link with others who understand that you are going through

Sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas – to learn how other people adjust to situations related to MS; learning to reframe experiences as a resource rather than a problem

Information – to learn more about MS, including current research

Encouragement and optimism – inspiration, improved quality of life and ideas about how to achieve the best outcome, exploring new ways of learning or acquiring new skills

Change, grief and loss – support can help acknowledge a loss or adapt to changes of a long term condition

Guest speakers can be invited to talk about topics of interest to the group. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Judy will work alongside the MS group, while Robin works alongside the group of partners or friends/carers.

We’ll conclude the evening with time for all to mix and mingle over a hot drink.

First meeting – Wednesday 24th June, 6pm – 7.30pm.

RSVP to Judy by Friday June 12th.

Location – Board room at South Library Service Centre, entry through the side door.

Parking just outside or on Colombo St – please note library car park is closed after hours.

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