Parkinson's Communication Maintenance and Voice Practice Groups

Monthly Communication and Voice Practice Groups for our Members will be re-starting on Thursday 25 March.

The groups will have the following format:
Voice Practice:                        9.45am to 10.15 (LSVT / VAMP graduates)
Communication Group:       10.30 to 11.30

Tentative Dates:
You are invited to attend every month on Thursday the; .
25 March                        26 August
29 April                           30 September
27 May                            28 October
24 June                           25 November
29 July                          
you may not always receive a reminder.
The communication group meeting will continue to include group discussion and activities, and provide an opportunity for partners to be involved. Morning tea will be provided.

Meetings will be held at the MS and Parkinson’s Canterbury, 3/49 Sir William Pickering Drive,  Burnside,  Christchurch.

Kirstie can be contacted on 027 414 3239 for any queries.

Kirstie Koller
Speech Language Therapist

Speech therapist with female stroke patient outdoors during a home health therapy session modeling the production of a consonant during speech training for apraxia