Communication Maintenance and Voice Practice

Monthly Communication Maintenance and Voice Practice
Who’s it for: If you have done a VAMP or LSVT course with the CDHB out at Burwood or been to a speech therapist in the past, then you will already have the tools to help you.

The aim of the group is to help you ‘use not lose’ your communication and voice skills. It can also help maintain swallowing safety and the enjoyment of eating and drinking, in order to live well with Parkinson’s. This group is a good motivator to encourage you to keep up those skills.  The group is very social, encouraging social interaction and communication with others.

Kirstie Koller is the experienced Speech Language Therapist who runs the class.  It is free. Partners/carers are welcome to attend.  No face mask is required but optional.

Groups run on the last Thursday of the month.

Voice Exercise class :  9.45am to 10.15am (LSVT / VAMP graduates)

Communication Group : 10.30am to 11.30

You can attend both. There is no need to book, you just need to get motivated on the day and join us.

Speech therapist with female stroke patient outdoors during a home health therapy session modeling the production of a consonant during speech training for apraxia