Parkinson's Early Onset Peer Support Group

We would like to welcome all Early Onset Parkinson’s people under 65 years of age (both members and non-members) to come along to these meetings.

** Please RSVP by calling 03 366 2857 or by email to: **

We warmly invite you to bring a partner or support person should you wish: we appreciate that many early-onset Parkinson’s people can find it particularly challenging for themselves and their family, from a medical, psychological, and social standpoint.

Looking forward to 2022:
We are already busy making plans for our Early Onset Parkinson's Peer Support Groups in 2022, and we warmly invite you to let us know if there are any speakers you would specifically like to hear from next year. We have already noted

  • Dr Michael MacAskill - Research Director, NZ Brain Research Institute
  • Prof. Tim Anderson - Neurologist & Clinical Director of NZ Brain Research Institute
  • In addition to experts in the field of Nutrition, Financial Health, and Mental Wellbeing for those living with Parkinson's.