Thank you for considering becoming a Regular Donor. You can do this easily by setting up an automatic payment using the Automatic Payment Authority for Regular Giving Form and posting it back to the Society, or by going onto your online or mobile banking and setting up your own Regular Transfer.

You can either download the form or you can ask Donna-Marie to send you one or give you our bank details by calling 03 366-2857 ext. 6.

Support is always welcome but even more so at times like this when institutional funders are swamped with funding applications, making grants harder to get and driving down the size of grants as funders try to spread their charity across as many organisations as possible.

As you might are no doubt already aware, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the level of grant funding required to fill the Society’s budget shortfall (the difference between the actual cost of running the organisation and the income received from annual subscriptions and contracts).

The security of knowing that a donation will be coming in regularly allows us to better plan for the future and to make important decisions on programmes and services.

Your regular donation makes a huge difference to the lives of others living with MS or Parkinson’s. This donation may be as little as $1 a week or as much as you feel you are able to give; every little bit truly makes a difference.

Annual subscriptions provide only 9% of our annual budget, so if you feel you’re able to give more towards the programmes the Society provides then others with MS and Parkinson’s would receive the benefit.

To set up an automatic payment, please complete the Automatic Payment Authority for Regular Giving Form and post it back to the Society. You can download the form or you can ask Donna-Marie to send you one by calling 03 366-2857 ext. 6.

Remember, all donations of $5 of more are tax deductible and will be receipted every March.

Thank you for your support!