Tips for Carers

  • Acknowledging that you are a carer is the most important step you can take in accessing the help you need to keep caring for a person with MS or Parkinson’s at home.
  • Defining yourself as a carer can also provide wider recognition for the work you do behind closed doors.
  • Don’t try and take on too much. If the person you’re caring for is still able to carry out some tasks, support them to do whatever they can to retain a level of independence and self-confidence.
  • The hardest thing to know is when you need the support of the MS or Parkinson’s group meetings. Wait until you are ready and feel that you need help.
  • And when you are ready, don’t be shy about asking people for help. Often it’s only when you let people know how difficult things are that you start to get offers of assistance.
  • Attending carers’ support meetings will give you valuable emotional support and the opportunity to share your stories and benefit from others’ advice and experiences.