Total Mobility

The Total Mobility Scheme assists eligible people with restricted mobility to access subsidised taxis. 

An eligible person must have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five components of a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train, or ferry, in a safe and dignified manner:


  • Getting to the place where the transport departs
  • Getting on to the transport
  • Riding securely
  • Getting off the transport
  • Getting to the destination

MS and Parkinson's Canterbury can take you through the assessment process and submit an application form to ECAN for approval, to get a card issued for you. Phone Kirsty on 03 366 2857 to start the process.


There is an annual fee of $35 for this service and if a card is lost or stolen a $10 replacement card fee will apply.

You will need to provide a recent photo for your card and the card will be sent to you within approximately 10 working days.

If you are eligible, you will be entitled to discounts of 50% off taxi fares with approved operators, up to a maximum of $35 per trip.

All Total Mobility clients undergo a review every 5 years to ensure they still meet the eligibility criteria and identify any changes in their circumstances.


The taxi companies that accept Total Mobility Cards in Canterbury are:

  • Blue Star Taxis                                                (03) 379 9799
  • Christchurch Mobility Transfers                  (03) 323 4555
  • Driving Miss Daisy                                          0800 948 432
  • First Direct                                                      (03) 377 5555
  • Gold Band Taxis                                             (03) 379 5795
  • Freedom Companion Driving Services       (03) 352 1599
  • Total Care Mobility Ltd                                  (03) 351 1599

and in Ashburton:

  • Ashburton Taxis                                          (03) 308 2288

For more information from ECAN please Click here or phone the MSPC office on 03 366 2857.


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