No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

The Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury Charitable Trust relies on support from our members, community funders, and sponsors to allow us to continue our essential work. There are many ways in which you can help us to continue to provide our services and maintain our high level of support.
(All donations are to be made in New Zealand Dollars).

One Off Donations
A direct transfer can be set up with your bank, either in-branch, online or by banking app, into the Trust's bank account.

Regular Giving

You may also choose to give a regular gift of any amount.  Set up an automatic payment with your bank, either in-branch, online, or by banking app, into the Trust's bank account.


  • Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury Charitable Trust

BNZ 02 1257 0062965 000

Please be aware, if you choose to donate funds to either MSNZ or Parkinson’s NZ, the funds will not be forwarded to this Trust. Although we are affiliated with these organisations, we do not receive any funds from them and operate separately from them. We are the only organisation in Canterbury that offers services for MS and Parkinson’s.

If you wish for your donation to go to a specific area, simply specify this when donating and we will ensure that the funds are distributed there.

Regular Donations
Becoming a regular donor allows the Trust a certain amount of security. As little as $1 a week can make a difference, and there is flexibility to set up the payment to be as much or as little as you want and to be paid at whatever frequency suits you.
You can set up the payment by filling out an Automatic Payment Authority for Regular Giving Form and posting it back to us, or you can set up the payment yourself with your bank using the details above.

Payroll Giving
Ask your employer to subscribe you to this through IRD. This is a great way to give, as it goes out of your pay before it reaches your account, so you won’t even notice it going!

Entertainment App
This handy app gives you money off hundreds of restaurants and local businesses, including takeaways! You can still support our local businesses and save a little money at the same time. Entertainment gives a portion of the profits to the charity directly. Buy your membership with them here.

Donation Tax Credits Claims
A recent improvement to myIR (Inland Revenue’s secure online service) means our supporters can now claim their donation tax credits online. This removes the need for them to complete a paper form.
This change also means:
• They’ll receive their refund much sooner.
• Receipts can be electronic receipts or photos or scans of paper receipts.
• Receipts can be uploaded at any time during the year.
Tax Credits can be claimed on any donation over $5. If you need any help or more information, please contact the office.